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Rick Johnston | Dec 6, 2016 5:44:51 PM

Hitters... Let's become more aware

Everyone that has played the game and those of us that are still playing the game, will tell you how difficult it is to hit a baseball. In fact, one can argue, it is the most difficult athletic movement to create in sport. Just think of the thousands and thousands of swings that hitters take over their years of playing. And those thousands of swings that are taken still don’t produce positive results - the failure rate exceeds 70% for any hitter, even those that are the best in the world!


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Rick Johnston | Nov 29, 2016 3:52:00 PM

An Afternoon with Scott Thorman at The Baseball Zone

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Scott Thorman for a few hours of baseball banter Sunday, Nov 20th  at The Baseball Zone. Scott, was a former first round draft pick of the Atlanta Braves making it all the way to the Major Leagues with that prestigious organization. For the past few years Scott has been a Minor League Manager in the Kansas City Royals organization and in 2016 was named Appalachian League Manager of the year. During Scott’s visit to The Zone, he enthusiastically and engagingly conveyed invaluable information to a group of close to 70 players, parents and coaches.


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Rick Johnston | Jun 24, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Have Bat (and Glove), Will Travel

So, here we are, the end of June, 2016, school is almost out for the calendar year and what is upon most baseball players? What’s upon them is simple... its travel time; tournament time; showcase is for many the best time of the summer. Not necessarily the most important time, but it is often considered the best time.  Players’ playing on travel teams from across Canada and the US begin their annual trek through various provinces and states, all gearing up for their initial travel schedule. How much fun is that? School is out, away from mom and dad, albeit some for the first time, and nothing but baseball surrounds their minds. Boy, you have to love that!


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Courtney Plewes | Jun 6, 2016 2:32:04 PM

Tips to Planning Your In-Season Strength and Conditioning

Many athletes do not consider in-season baseball strength training necessary to their baseball success. They mistakenly think that the gains made over the off-season will last through a long grueling baseball season. Well, in this case the old phrase ‘use it or lose it’ rings true; each week without any strength training you are getting weaker and weaker; come play-off season when you should be at your strongest you will consequently be at your weakest.


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Kevin Hussey | Apr 28, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Hitting and the Technical Domino Effect

There are hundreds of small techniques that a hitter can use to their advantage. Some techniques are more important than others but all of them have a purpose. It's rare for someone to know all the proper techniques with regard to hitting, but as long as you know what you're trying to accomplish, you can determine what’s needed to properly execute the skill. In this instance I will be discussing how to prevent pulling off the ball and why that’s important to avoid. A technique necessary for every hitter is to be able to put themselves in a position where they can keep their head and body on the ball as long as possible. Here's how you can make that happen.


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