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All I Want For Christmas...Baseball!!!

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| Dec 19, 2017 6:33:37 PM

Christmas was always my favorite time of year. There are many reasons I enjoyed the holiday season and over the years my reasons have changed. Now I enjoy the holidays to spend time with family and friends while over-indulging in meals and chocolates. But when I was young, my focus, like many, was on what could I ask for this year. As a passionate young baseball fan that was an easy answer - baseball! Regardless of what you ask for, to me there was no better feeling than waking up Christmas morning and running downstairs to see what Santa had left.

I’ve received lots of great baseball related gifts over the years; bats, gloves, hats, jerseys, Blue Jay tickets and lots more. My favorite gift of all time was an Orlando Hudson autographed baseball. Growing up he was one of my favourite Blue Jays. I liked the way he played the game - he was always entertaining to watch, and you could tell he loved playing.

Baseball Xmas

This got me thinking about what others might consider their favorite baseball Christmas gift ever. What better place to ask fellow baseball fanatics than at The Baseball Zone so I decided to poll our staff. Here is what they had to say:

Rick Johnston - An official Steve Rogers Montreal Expos jersey.

Kevin Horton - My first wood baseball bat, a Cooper “Red Hot” bat. I was 7 years old and I would use this bat for years come.

Ryan Armstrong - A 1992 Blue Jays World Series ornament. This ornament goes on my tree every year to this day. It is one of the only things I own that if it broke or got lost I would be truly upset.

Kevin Hussey - A Rawlings Heart of The Hide catcher’s glove. This was my first pro quality mitt and took a while to break in.

Mike Bannon - My first pack of baseball cards, highlighted by “Oil Can” Boyd, circa 1990 Montreal Expos.

Chris Boatto - Team Canada autographed hat by Justin Morneau and Russell Martin.

Ryan Pollard - My first ever baseball glove, before I even knew how passionate I would be about the sport.

Tyler Milton - Tickets to the World Baseball Classic, Canada vs USA in 2009 in Toronto.

It looks like a lot of these gifts were one of a kind items or first’s in a long line of great surprises received throughout the years. I think it’s safe to say that if you have a baseball fan in your family this Christmas, that you can never go wrong with something baseball related.

Comment below and let us know some of the favourite baseball related Christmas gifts YOU’VE received in the past.

Happy Holidays!


Chris Willins – The Baseball Zone

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