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Mike McCarthy | Feb 5, 2015 6:00:00 AM

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private Baseball Instructor

As baseball players, we can all probably use some one-on-one time with a coach now and again. But baseball teams are large and there are many positions--it can be difficult to get personal attention during practice. As a result, there are times when it may be worthwhile to look for a private baseball instructor, whether just for a few sessions or for the long term. But if you're interested in hiring someone for private lessons, how do you choose? 

Here are 4 factors you should take into consideration when you're looking for an instructor:

1.  Experience

This doesn't just mean experience as an instructor, it also means experience in the particular area in which you're looking to improve. Are you an infielder or outfielder? Pitcher or catcher? Are you going through a bit of a hitting slump generally or having a hard time with a particular pitch? 


Topics: hitting instruction, baseball instruction, baseball coaching, pitching instruction, fielding instruction, coach player relationship, private lessons

Mike McCarthy | Dec 11, 2014 3:12:00 PM

3 Reasons To Invest In A Baseball Strength Training Program

Learn what strength training can do for your game and what to look for in a program

Baseball is America’s past time and it has become the same for many Canadians as well, so it’s no surprise that many young athletes choose to make it their chosen sport to participate in. While some kids play baseball just for fun or to be a part of a team, there are those who live and breathe baseball. To these individuals, baseball is more than just a hobby, but what they excel at. Many hope to one day make it to play collegiately, and perhaps even professionally.

And to get to that point, these passionate individuals need more than just a couple of practices a week to really perfect their craft and hone in on their skills. Instead, they need serious training so that they can reach their baseball goals. That’s where baseball strength training programs come into play (for players such as MVP Mike Trout, pictured).


Topics: strength training, in-season strength training, baseball strength training, strength training for baseball, baseball functional training, off-season strength training, weight lifting, mobility, personalized training, group training

Mike McCarthy | Nov 27, 2014 3:25:31 PM

Private Baseball Lessons For Hire - When Is It Right for You?

There was a time when youth baseball consisted of one or two practices a week and maybe a couple games. If you wanted to get in more work, it fell to you and one of your parents to head out to the diamond. But youth sports has become big business over the last ten years or so. Anymore, it's not uncommon to hear other parents on your child's team talking about how much they are shelling out for some one-on-one baseball lessons. You may find yourself wondering if that's the key to getting your child to the next level, or if they are just a waste of money.

So what is the bottom line? Is it worth paying extra money in addition to what you already may be paying for someone to spend some extra time with your child? That depends a lot on where your young athlete is at, not only in age and development, but talent level and dedication.

Are Baseball Lessons Worth It?

There's no doubt that all the extra attention and specialized training kids get today is having an effect on the game, even at the highest level. But that doesn't make it an open and shut case.


Topics: baseball coaching, baseball practice, coach player relationship, private lessons

Mike McCarthy | Nov 18, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Hmm...Meditation For Better Baseball Performance?

Anyone who plays baseball and wants to achieve as much of their potential as possible should be looking for every possible way to get an edge on the competition. While most baseball players focus on boosting their strength, hand eye coordination and speed, a few have adopted alternative and unconventional techniques. One of these techniques is meditation.


Topics: mental training, mental performance, sports performance, meditation, visualization

Mike McCarthy | Sep 17, 2014 3:36:00 PM

The Baseball Zone Welcomes Hussey & Zukier to the Team

The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga are really excited to announce that we have brought on board two new full time staff members that bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and qualifications to the team - and ultimately and most importantly - to our customers. Adee Zukier and Kevin Hussey are both energetic and passionate about bringing their experiences and knowledge to our athletes.

Adee Zukier BA, MT - Adee joins us as our new permanent Director of Sports Performance at The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga where she will be able to combine her two passions - sports performance training and coaching/teaching children and adolescents. Adee has been training competitive amateur, professional and Olympic athletes since 2009 all the while continuing her competitive Olympic lifting career - currently ranked 4th in Canada for her weight class (63kg), Adee was also the Ontario champion in 2013. Adee has spent time as Head Coach at renowned Mash Elite Performance in North Carolina and recently completed her Master of Teaching at the University of Toronto. She also proudly represents Belle and Bell as well as Shakas and Snatches as brand ambassador.

Kevin Hussey BSc, MSc - Kevin joins us in a newly created full-time baseball coaching position. 


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