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A Glimpse at The Four Pillars of Baseball - Part I: The Technical Game

Ryan Armstrong

| Jan 18, 2017 9:41:00 AM


The four pillars of baseball performance are Technical, Mental, Tactical, and Physical. If one of these pillars is weak, the structure will collapse!

Part I: The Technical Game

baseball-1478289 Resized.jpgThe technical area is where we as coaches teach movements and concepts to enhance athletic performance. Skill specific drills are often used to promote development or efficiency in a certain technical area. An example might be setting up a tee in a particular location to work on hitting the ball to a certain field. However, we must remember as coaches that we are not teaching a certain look, or creating an army of robots that all look and move the same. The next time you watch a baseball game you will struggle to find two hitters or pitchers who do things exactly alike. I will agree that some hitters or pitchers do similar things but they have not been cloned in one particular image. In my experience it is sad to say you can see certain athletes who have been institutionalized; meaning that where they trained and what they have learned distinctly shows up in a particular movement.  Even worse is having two athletes from a particular academy that look almost identical. Here’s an example; you walk into a training academy to find 20 pitchers holding a balance point at 90 degrees, is that what Greinke or Kershaw does? Furthermore are they the same? Not even close! The similarity they exhibit lies in big concepts. They both use momentum, they both use their entire body; they both have a strong glove side. Technical training serves to enhance athletic performance by improving upon areas of mechanical deficiency; it is not a cloning process.
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