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A Glimpse at The Four Pillars of Baseball - Part II: The Mental Game

Ryan Armstrong

| Jan 22, 2017 12:51:38 PM

The four pillars of baseball performance are Technical, Mental, Tactical, and Physical. If one of these pillars is weak, the structure will collapse!
Part II: The Mental Game
Head with Baseball Resized.jpgWe have all seen pitchers who have million dollar bullpen sessions but fail to translate them to in-game success. So what changes when the game starts? Their minds get busy thinking about the wrong things. The mental side of baseball is more than taking a deep breath or relaxing, even though it may help short term success. Mental training is about equipping our athletes with the mental skills necessary to be successful in training and in games. Here are some key components to securing a quiet mind and a strong mental game

Planning is usually where we start. Athletes must layout what they are trying to accomplish in detail and prepare for all possible outcomes.

Next we move to commitment. Athletes must commit 100% to what they set out to do. With 100% commitment, our plan can always be modified to achieve results. There is no point toeing the rubber or stepping in the box until that commitment level is reached.

Using the two ideas above will help quiet the mind and help the body access its true potential. The mind must be quiet if we are to be truly present in an activity. Often times we are preoccupied with thoughts or emotions, not usually positive, while we are trying to perform a skill. We must remember “being” (present & composed) precedes “doing”.  Here is an insightful clip that comes from Timothy Gallwey author of “The Inner Game” series.

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