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A Glimpse at The Four Pillars of Baseball - Part III: The Tactical Game

Ryan Armstrong

| Jan 26, 2017 2:28:18 PM

The four pillars of baseball performance are Technical, Mental, Tactical, and Physical. If one of these pillars is weak, the structure will collapse!
Part III: The Tactical Game
  • Pitcher looking in for signsTactical baseball instruction is the implementation and use of baseball strategy to promote athletic success on the field or in training sessions. Tactical training is most often situational as in what do I do and when do I do it? Tactical coaching provides the athlete the ability to use certain skills and strategies as how they apply to specific situations. As an example, you have a right-handed hitter who has just fouled off your best fastball 385ft down the left field line. It is now 0-2. What do we do next? Go back to the well one more time and hope he swings through it? The answer to me would be to go out of the strike zone with a fastball, or bury a breaking ball in the dirt. The knowledge of these situations can be the difference between a successful outing and one that falls short. I see many athletes who have plenty of skill but lack the wherewithal of how or when to apply it. We must continue to educate our athletes regarding the inner workings of a baseball game; we must also help them to understand how to utilize and apply their own personal skill sets. Tactical training is an area that must be developed to allow athletic success to flourish.
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