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Why Become a Terrier? There are too many reasons to count!!!

Ryan Armstrong

| Jun 25, 2017 4:57:44 PM

Terrier Players.jpgLet’s start with our mission...

To be the defining force in developing student athletes who become successful young men on and off the field.

Now let’s look at a few of those reasons:

  • Over 95% of graduating Terriers have gone on to play college or pro baseball. This doesn’t happen by just “showing up”.
  • Our coaches are the highest level and most experienced in the country – period! They care about your development more than any coaches you have had up to now or will have in a post-secondary environment.
  • Our program is year-round and it combines baseball training, game play, strength training and college recruiting.
  • Fitness is a commitment, not a side order with the Terriers. Our SST training is run by certified strength coaches from SST Canada and our unique working relationship with Dr. Carm Filice and his scientific approach to fitness at his Performance Lab, ensures that ballplayers who are striving to play south of the border will be physically prepared when they get there. And NO, we don’t have baseball coaches or PARENTS managing this important part of the process.
  • Our schedule includes a March trip to Florida for ALL teams. We are strong believers that a rigorous winter training regiment is best followed up by a highlight trip to face good competition right out of the gates. We come home with a good idea of where we stand and usually the best experience a ballplayer from the Great White North can experience on a yearly basis.
  • Our home field at King’s Christian Collegiate is one of a kind in Canada. This stunning $1.7 million turf field with a clay mound and pro step-down red brick dugouts, allows us to play and practice outdoors earlier and longer than any other team in the province.
  • Our competition is top notch from the trip to Florida, through the spring schedule in the PBLO (the Province’s only AAAA league), through the US summer season in great tournaments like the Sandlott World Series in Nashville to a fall schedule that includes the Perfect Game Underclass World Championships in Fort Myers, it JUST DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

And parents, please read this carefully and compare -  OUR PRICES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE! All US travel (including flights to Florida), food, accommodations, off-season baseball and strength training at The Baseball Zone and SST, complete uniform package, league insurance, tournament fees… and the list goes on. We are strong believers that when your player is travelling to tournaments that they travel as a team. We simulate, as closely as possible, the college or pro experience, so when they get there, they are ready!


So why The Terriers?

How about this short list? World class coaching, 95% next level results, a year round program, fitness commitment, Florida, PBLO, US summer schedule, outstanding fall ball and all-in pricing. There’s plenty more but I’ve got to run. Practice is just about to start and the boys are here early as usual.

If you want to learn more about The Terriers and determine for yourself why we are the number one baseball program for student athletes in Canada, look us up at and check out our training at

Yours in Baseball,

Ryan Armstrong

Terriers Program Pitching Coordinator and Head Coach, The Baseball Zone

Topics: ncaa, baseball strength training, baseball coaching, elite baseball mentorship

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