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March Break? Baseball Camp can be a HOME RUN!

Kevin Horton | Mar 4, 2017 9:59:23 AM

Winter is quickly coming to an end which means March Break is just around the corner and with parents looking for something a little “different” and fulfilling for their kids, why not consider a March Break baseball camp? With a record number of children playing summer baseball here in Canada, the opportunity to tie in a March Break camp with a sport they love is pretty exciting. The social and team building benefits of camp combined with the discipline and health benefits of training for a sport like baseball always make for an outstanding and lasting impression on the campers.

At a well-run March Break baseball camp, children get the opportunity to be completely focused on the sport, where there are no regular distractions like homework, chores or other friends who don't particularly share the same interest of baseball. It is just baseball. All the time. If they love baseball they should love this kind of a camp. And if they aren’t sure yet whether baseball is a game for them, they will be given the opportunity to find in in an exciting and fun filled environment.

At The Baseball Zone, camp participants are also provided a wonderful opportunity to make new, lasting friends who share a great common interest in the joy of playing a game. They are not only provided with all the tools necessary to improve their game, they also learn to work well with others, which is an invaluable life skill. Our camp councilors (all experienced baseball coaches) will teach skills that children will not only be able to apply in the sport, but also in school and later in life with their careers and families.

Baseball abilities addressed in camp include offensive skills such as hitting, bunting and base running as well as defense related to pitching, throwing and infield and outfield work. Along with these skills, the campers will have a blast participating in games and competitions. They will learn what it means to "work hard and play hard".

Baseball should always be a positive experience where players are encouraged to learn the importance of teamwork over the importance of a win. At our baseball camp, children will get the opportunity to work with peers and authority figures to help make them better young athletes both on and off the field.

And PARENTS, Baseball Camp can be a wonderful opportunity for you as well. You will have the chance to watch your children participate in a fun and comfortable environment where you are happy to leave them for the day. And who knows, if you get the chance to watch some of the camp activities, you might pick up some tips to help with your player’s next step as they develop in the game!

Overall, many important life skills can be learned at The March Break Camp at The Zone. Teamwork. Good sportsmanship. LeadershipHealthy and active daily life habits. And they will learn that there is a RIGHT way to compete. Children often leave baseball camp not only fired up about life, but also about baseball.

Baseball camp is all about a positive experience for youth at a time of year when they are itching to spread their wings.

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