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Baseball Strength Training Transformation Tuesday | Justin Wamboldt

Rick Boutilier | Apr 9, 2013 10:13:00 AM

It is Transformation Tuesday again and this week we feature high school freshman Justin Wamboldt of the Ontario Terriers 15U program and catcher for the Bantam Thornhill Reds.

Justin joined The Baseball Zone's Extended Fall High Performance Program back in November 2011. Over the next 8 weeks during the program, doing weight training only 2x per week, Justin added 8 lbs of lean mass to his frame and added 5 MPH to his raw velocity. His parents were so pleased with the results that they put him in our Winter High Performance Program and signed him up for additional training with SST Mississauga. Over the winter from January to April, again just strength training 2x per week, Justin added another 5 lbs of lean mass.   

So Justin’s baseball season was starting in May and a lot of our athletes decide to stop training and just focus on baseball for the summer and pick up their training again after the season ends. This is a BIG mistake. We explained the benefits of in-season training to Justin and his parents such as;

Maintaining and/or increasing lean muscle mass

Staying on top of muscular imbalances created by your sport

Decreasing the likelihood of injuries

Peaking at the end of the year when the games matter most ( playoffs )

So, Justin signed up for our SST Mississauga In-Season Baseball Strength Training Program and The Baseball Zone Summer High Performance Program. At the end of Justin’s season when we retested his body composition in October he had gained another 7 lbs of lean mass!! Most athletes who don’t train during the season come back in the fall with less lean mass then when they left. Now we have to spend 8 weeks just getting them back to where they were when they left! Why train all fall and winter just to go back to square one again after the season is over?! But this didn't happen with Justin and this is why in-season strength training is so important for athletes and their long term development.  

We are happy to report that Justin added another 10 lbs of lean mass this off-season and he has crushed his original testing numbers from when he started just 18 months ago. Check out some of these numbers.

baseball strength trainiong

Great Job Justin and we will see you again this summer!

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Sincerely, Rick Boutilier - The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga

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