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Baseball Drill of the Week | "Playing Better Catch"

Ryan Armstrong

| May 23, 2013 8:53:00 AM

Playing CatchLast year we posted a blog by Rick Johnston titled "Developing Infielding Movements Through Playing Better Catch". In it, Rick opined that the number one method of improving natural infielding movements is simply by playing catch. But not the poor "catch" you will see so often at diamonds during pre-game. Instead, it is catch with a purpose - every catch, every throw, every movement through to catching and through to throwing. It is about being efficient with your time and focus.

Today we will give you a better visual of one aspect of what Rick means which can even be done while by yourself (and is demonstrated as such in the video). 

In the drill our fielders toss a ball up in the air to their forehand side. Since the ball has been tossed to their forehand side an angle and profile view has already been created. They will then move toward the ball and pick out a hop that allows them to keep momentum going toward the target as they make their throw. This drill can be done anywhere you can bounce a ball off the ground or with a partner as part of your game of catch. The footwork and fielding in this drill does not have to be done with a baseball either, any ball that bounces will do - in fact the footwork can be done without a ball. (Please note that throwing balls that are not regulation weight is not recommended.) 

When supervising this drill watch that players regulate speed and angle to the ball so they can receive the ball on a long or short hop. If players move too fast or too slow they could cause an in between hop or lose momentum to the target and the throw could be negatively affected. If the ball is not tossed to the forehand side the players must move to the right of the ball to create an angle and profile view so they can better see and select the hop they wish to field. We move to right and back to the left because infielders typically make more throws moving to their left or toward first base (other thand the 1B man), we want momentum to help us to make strong accurate throws.

Work on it, have fun with it, and help make your players experts at it.


Ryan Armstrong - The Baseball Zone

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