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Q&A w/ 2014 University of Houston Baseball Commit, Robert Grilli

Mike McCarthy

| Nov 15, 2013 11:06:00 AM

Robert Grilli baseballRobert Grilli (@Grilli1) has been working with us at The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga almost since we opened 10 years ago. He is currently a student-athlete at Salt Lake Community College in Utah patrolling the middle of the infield for the Bruins in the Scenic West Athletic Conference. He was named as a 2nd team Conference All-Star in his Freshman season with a .302 avg and a .962 fielding pct.

Robert recently committed to attend the University of Houston in the Fall of 2014 for which we'd like to offer him a huge congratulations. 

The Baseball Zone's Kevin Horton had a chance to sit down for an interview with Robert in the Spring of 2012 as he was finishing up his Senior season with the Ontario Terriers (@OntarioTerriers) baseball program and preparing to head to Salt Lake CC. Here are a few of the questions Kevin asked Robert:

  • What are your long term goals in baseball?
  • How has your training changed over the years to help you attain your long term goals?
  • How have you found success in a big man's game? (Robert is 5'9")

If you are an aspiring player as well, or a parent of one, we think you'll enjoy the interview with this humble, down to earth, hard working young man and be able to take away something to use on your own journey.

Here is the video:

Again, congratulations Robert! We look forward to seeing you back here in December and working as hard as ever.


Mike McCarthy - The Baseball Zone

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