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Dear MLB - What is Up With the Blue Jays' Game Times?

Ryan Armstrong

| Oct 8, 2015 12:02:31 PM

Dear MLB,


Am I happy to have playoff baseball back in Toronto? Yes! Am I happy about the start times of the ALDS? No! It would be easy to say that we are being put on the back burner to accommodate big market teams in the US (despite Toronto being a larger market than any of the other cities playing today...I wonder if you know???). But market size impact aside, I truly believe there are other things to be considered.

Canada is known as a hockey playing nation and with its rich hockey history - why wouldn’t it be? But some people may not realize that a rich Canadian baseball history as well. My problem with the start times of the ALDS is due to the fact that it limits our ability as a nation to take in the games, whether it be in person or on TV. How is the game supposed to prosper if our ability to watch such special moments on fertile grounds for growth is limited by work and school commitments? I would think as a business an opportunity to grow would be very important. In Toronto - and Canada at large - the time is now, so strike while the iron is hot. We have a great team and a city that has been dying for the baseball playoffs to return and then this happens - 3:30pm and 12:30pm EST weekday starts.

Imagine if you lived in New York and you walked into your boss’s office and said you have playoff tickets. I’m sure you’d have a pretty good chance of being able to go to an afternoon game. In Toronto people are actually scrambling to unload tickets by any means necessary because they can’t get time off work. Furthermore a parent who is a diehard Mets fan would probably be more open to pulling their kids out of school to attend a playoff game. This is not necessarily an open and shut case in Toronto for Blue Jays baseball.

I realize that the time has passed to do anything about it now, but perhaps in the future things could be done a bit differently. Maybe we could consider giving Toronto one early game vs two, or make a move to promote MLB in Canada and give us some primetime. Heck, I am pretty sure that the fans in the US, die hard or not, would appreciate seeing one of the best offences that baseball has seen in many years take the field in competition tonight rather than this afternoon.

I’m sure you have your reasons, MLB, for the schedule being the way it is, but I’m curious as to what they are? I also can’t help to think that people in Texas, a state with a population of almost 27 million can’t be happy either. Perhaps you cal fill us in...or perhaps you don't really care.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I am open to any comments or feedback you may have.


Ryan Armstrong

Loyal supporter of Baseball in Canada

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