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How Aspiring College Baseball Prospects Can Learn From Learning

Kevin Hussey | Jan 15, 2015 3:26:55 PM

mortar_boards_in_the_airHigh school is obviously very important in terms of creating opportunities and giving yourself a chance to have a good job in the future. The misconception of high school is that its purpose is for kids to learn information you can use in your future. What kids really learn in high school is how to develop a work ethic while learning how to take information and apply it. Essentially what you learn in high school is how to learn. School gives kids the opportunity to constantly be challenged and deal with adversity. Every student has had difficulty either with a subject or understanding a concept throughout their education. This adversity is relatable to many aspects of life, including baseball. There has never been a college baseball player that went their whole career without having to persevere through some type of difficulty. The path to success that young athletes and students endure is similar in concept. Each year the difficulty and competitiveness increases, while getting closer to your goal. In academics and athletes once you move on to the next level, the previous year becomes irrelevant .For both students and athletes, the past can give you opportunity but the future will determine your success.

Why good grades are important for athletes - It is not just the obvious

The reason school is so important for aspiring college baseball prospects is not only because it can save you a lot of money in academic scholarships but because school can determine your attitude for the rest of your life. Whatever attitude you take in to your education will very likely turn out to be the attitude you take in to all your future opportunities. If you go in to school with the attitude that you’re going to be the best student possible, imagine the attitude you will bring into athletics. The young kids that slack off in school but work hard in baseball will fall into the trap that most kids do, their attitudes towards both will merge into one. The reason for this is because when kids are young they enjoy baseball because it’s fun, but when they get older it becomes something you have to work hard at. The problem then becomes the athlete taught themselves through their years of education that when you don’t want to do something you’re not willing to put the effort in.

Next time you hear a high school student ask why they have to do math when they will never use it again, explain to them how even though the information may not be useful to them, the process will always be. School can be very difficult for students and student athletes but how you respond to the difficulty will very likely be how you respond to difficulties in the future, whether on or off the diamond


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