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Not Doing a Great BASEBALL WARM-UP?

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| May 17, 2017 10:48:00 AM

The old show-and-go is good enough for you? Kind of reminds us of...

Skydiver Oops Resized.jpg

  • Driving a race car with the emergency brake on…
  • Writing an exam without studying…
  • Riding a bike with flat tires… you’re just not pumped up!
  • Skydiving without a parachute… only a matter of time before you crash.
  • Fishing with no bait…
  • Using a flashlight with no batteries…
  • Driving a beat up old car… you may get where you’re going but you won't be winning any races and you could break down at anytime.

I’m sure you’re all catching the drift here and sorry if we’re poking a bit of fun, but the lack of a dynamic pre-game routine will leave you completely unprepared to compete on the diamond and will open you up to all kinds of injuries. As one of our coaches said:

“It’s like watching a bad movie. It rarely ends well”

Stay healthy and ready.

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