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Tammy Kovaluk Joins The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga

Mike McCarthy

| Apr 24, 2014 10:29:00 AM

Tammy-KovalukIt is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that Tammy Kovaluk will be joining the team at The Baseball Zone and SST Mississauga in May 2014. Tammy brings a wealth of experience and accomplishments with her from Victoria, B.C., that we are extremely excited to be able to share with our athletes and their families. In addition to enhancing our current training programs she will also be tasked with creating new services and programs such as Functional Movement SystemsObstacle Race Training and Sequence Training to further enhance the training experiences and performances of our athletes and clientele.

Tammy has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, and has been strength training for over 20 years. Tammy specializes in sport performance conditioning, and is very passionate and dedicated to helping athletes get to their best. Currently completing her M.Sc. in Kinesiology, she has experience working with athletes of all ages in various sports, and especially high school and college athletes in football, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, swimming, curling, and track and field (please read some athlete testimonials below).

As she puts it, Tammy grew up with a brother who desperately wanted his own little brother, so he treated her like one instead. She loved to watch him play football and deeply desired to play as well. However, being female, she was not allowed to. So she hit the weights and took up boxing instead. Her first gym was a small, hard-core gym with an incredible “Rocky” atmosphere where she was one of only two females. While training for competitive amateur boxing, she started running for conditioning and, after only 2 years of running at 27 years old, made the U. of Alberta cross country run team. The next challenge was triathlon, where Tammy was a competitive amateur, and competed in the Ironman World Championship (Kona) in 2009. She is currently training for obstacle races.

We're really excited about having Tammy join us. Our gain, however, will be Victoria's loss, but Tammy does look forward to keeping in contact with her loyal clientele, many of whom will still receive training and guidance from her as they pursue their academic and athletic goals.

We hope you can join us in welcoming Tammy to our team and we look forward to you meeting her in May!

Here is a little more about Tammy:


  • M.Sc. Kinesiology – Sports Conditioning Major (ATSU, present 4.0 GPA)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • Certified Speed and Agility Specialist (IYCA)
  • Advanced Corrective Exercise (FMS Level 2)
  • B.Sc (University of Alberta/University of Victoria)
  • Fitness and Exercise Management (University of the Fraser Valley)
  • Sports Aider Certificate (Sports Medicine Council)


  • Belmont Bulldogs High School Football Strength and Speed Coach, WR coach
  • Tyee Aquatic Club Dryland Training Coach
  • Team De Jong, competitive Junior Men’s Curling Strength and Conditioning
  • National Football Academies Canada Strength and Speed Coach 
  • Nanaimo Pirates Baseball Consultant and Speed Coach 

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Some Athlete Highlights:

  • Brandon Egli, Victoria Grizzlies Junior A hockey, committed to Massachusetts NCAA Div. 1 for 2014.
    • In 8 months, went from being out of shape and contemplating giving up hockey to scoring amongst top 3 in the Junior A Grizzlies’ fitness test
    • Junior A Grizzlies 2013-2014 season leading defenseman points
    • Committed to Massachusetts (NCAA Div. 1) for and 2014/15.

“I`ve been playing hockey for 15 years and have met and worked with many different gyms and trainers. Tammy is hands down on a different level. Everyday you`re looking forward to going to the gym and know that you`re going to have incredible results. I know working with Tammy she can get me to the next level and achieve long and short term goals.”

  • Andrew Johnstone, Manitoba Bison’s Football LB.  

In prep for the U of M tryouts: “Before and after working only 4 weeks with Tammy. 40 yard dash 4.85 to 4.70, Shuttle run 4.65 to 4.52, Broad jump 8’1″ to 8’5″ Looking forward to 3 more months thanks Tam!”  

  • Natasha Akbarizadeh, Hammer Thrower, National Youth Champion and Record Holder
    • Set a new record in 2013 after being a virtual unknown in 2012. 
    • 2014 Scholarship for Gardner-Webb University (North Carolina)

“Your training has helped immensely!! I wouldn’t be throwing 50+ without your strength training; it has opened up the doors for my future.”

  • Team De Jong, BC Junior Men’s Curling Championships, 2014. 
  • Tristen Forish, Football LM, UBC Thunderbirds Scholarship for 2014
  • Sam Varao, Football LB, Regina Huskies Scholarship for 2014
  • Josh Tipton, Football DB, Belmont Bulldogs Football (grade 11), Scholarship contender

"In January 2013, I ran 5.4s for 40y, broad jumped 7’3″, and power cleaned 123 lbs. By June, I ran a sub-5.0s for 40y, broad jumped 8’8″, and power cleaned 195 lbs. The gains were incredible! I am thankful for Tammy’s training and making me into the athlete I am today."

  • Matt Pastro, Football LB, Belmont Bulldogs Football (grade 11), Scholarship contender
    • Rated a top LB in BC, doesn’t even have to try out for Team BC, he is automatically in the team. One of the only players in BC who has potential to play college ball (Dino Geremia, Football BC director and provincial coach)
    • 2013 in an exhibition game in Oregon, Matt suffered an injury that required surgery (ACL tear + Meniscus + femur bone fragment).  5 months post surgery, hit new PBs (240 power clean, 440lb deadlift, 420 back squat, and 270 bench press). Matt’s old maxes when I started to work with him January 2013 (136 power clean, 290 back squat, 195 bench, 5.4 – 40y and 6’11 broad). I don’t know what his speed is right now since he isn’t allowed to run full tilt yet, but it was a 4.9-40y and 8’1 broad by summer last year.

“Working with Tammy is great. She truly cares about her work and her athletes. She is always there for you and works her hardest to get you better.”

  • Ron Kirkwood, ERT (emergency response team).
    • Trained with Tammy for 12 weeks to prepare for the highly competitive and taxing test.  Went to the tryouts from being an underdog to being “the man to beat.” Was within top 3 overall and accomplished both training and the test injury-free.
  • Matt Baxter, Lacrosse, Junior A Shamrocks. 

“I’ve found once I increased my strength and size I’ve had a lot more success in my game and my confidence with the ball. Since working with Tammy, I have gotten stronger, bigger, and more explosive way beyond expectations.”

  • Belmont Bulldogs.
    • After working with Tammy for 8 weeks, 12 players made Team BC tryouts (only 2 players max have ever made tryouts), In 8 weeks: Average 3-tenth improvements in both 40y and pro-agility, over 1 foot in broad and in 12 weeks, 24% increase in back squat, 14% in bench press, and 26% in power cleans. The team was training and trained as many hours in previous years.
    • 2-day Seattle Scrimmage (June, 2013): Competitive with U.S. teams and no injuries. The previous year (before I was the strength and conditioning coach), over half the team was injured on first day and in their words, ‘annihilated.’  

“Tammy has worked with the Belmont Secondary School Bulldogs Football Team for twelve months and it shows in the development of the members of the team. Her knowledge and understanding of how the body works has taken a group of young men to a level of play that they will all tell you would never have occurred without her. She would be a benefit to any team or individual who wants to perform at the next level in any sport.” – Clancy Keoughan, Coach

“I really appreciate the time and effort you put into not only me, but my fellow team mates. It is amazing the things you do for us and I feel we cannot thank you enough for the athletic edge on the field you have given us. This program has never had that and it’s all because of you” – Court Boice, QB

“Working with you (Tammy) has been something I’ve needed for a long time. It was unbelievable how you transformed me” – Jamie Pacheco, LM


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