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Rick Boutilier | Apr 23, 2014 12:52:48 PM

Why the 60 Yard Dash Test for Baseball Players is Too Long.

I wanted to talk about the 60 yard dash test and question why it has become the standard baseball speed test for players of all ages - everyone wants to know what your 60 is, right? 

I am a strength and conditioning coach for the Ontario Terriers travel baseball team here in Mississauga, Ontario, and our players have just finished their off-season indoor training which included baseball speed training and testing. Our last session was a testing day, which included a 10 and 30 yard dash. We don't do the 60 because we just do not have the space in our facility to accommodate such a run. But it got me thinking about "why do the kids need to run 60 yards?" Football players attending combines only run a 40 yard dash and a football player would be more likely to run 40-60 yards in a straight line during a game than a baseball player would (visualize a receiver running a fly down the side line for a 60 yard bomb pass form the quarterback). Baseball is different. Let's see how different it is and what a better approach might be for standardized numbers.


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