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Ryan Armstrong | Sep 11, 2013 11:33:00 AM

Baseball Drill of the Week | "Babe Ruths"

We love the Babe Ruth Drill. We gave it that name as the set up looks like Babe Ruth's and honestly...we hope the result is the same too. Did anyone have more engaged momentum and resulting power in their swing than The Babe??!!

We use it to really activate and, even more accurately, engage the hips in the swing. We also really like the kids to accentuate their intent during this drill. Looking ugly is OK - like anything else in life, they will get better at it over time. We want a clear intention to drive the ball. When done well, players will get a great feeling of momentum, and ultimately that is the goal of the drill, to help implement more of the body (in this case the hips) into the swing. Man (or woman) cannot hit with arms and rotation alone!

Check out Coach Army with a video demo below: 


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