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Courtney Plewes | Mar 18, 2015 6:25:00 PM

8 Reasons for an In-Season Baseball Strength & Conditioning Program

Spring training camps are in full swing, which means baseball season is right around the corner! But don't be too hasty to ditch the gym in place for the field. In-season baseball strength and conditioning is an often over-looked and neglected aspect of a player's in-season routine. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Here are 8 reasons why you should make strength and conditioning a priority this in-season:

1. Reduce Your Chance of Injury

The baseball season is long and hard on the body.  Baseball is also, primarily, a one-sided activity (hitting and throwing). This repetitive motion on an athlete’s dominant side can lead to disaster if they are not prepared for the season or do not maintain their strength, mobility, and function throughout the season.  A properly designed in-season baseball training program can take a proactive approach to avoiding common injuries and breakdowns throughout a playing season.


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Mike McCarthy | Dec 11, 2014 3:12:00 PM

3 Reasons To Invest In A Baseball Strength Training Program

Learn what strength training can do for your game and what to look for in a program

Baseball is America’s past time and it has become the same for many Canadians as well, so it’s no surprise that many young athletes choose to make it their chosen sport to participate in. While some kids play baseball just for fun or to be a part of a team, there are those who live and breathe baseball. To these individuals, baseball is more than just a hobby, but what they excel at. Many hope to one day make it to play collegiately, and perhaps even professionally.

And to get to that point, these passionate individuals need more than just a couple of practices a week to really perfect their craft and hone in on their skills. Instead, they need serious training so that they can reach their baseball goals. That’s where baseball strength training programs come into play (for players such as MVP Mike Trout, pictured).


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Rick Boutilier | Nov 21, 2013 10:33:00 AM

Baseball Exercise of the Week | "Med Ball Shot Puts"

The SST Baseball Exercise of the Week is Med Ball Shot Puts.

This is a great exercise that helps baseball players develop rotational power. We really want to focus on transferring weight from the back foot to the front foot while remaining balanced. Just like when we hit, we want to use momentum and make sure are hips are travelling towards the pitcher. We then use our top hand to "punch" the ball forward. It's important for hitters to make sure the top hand is strong through contact. Many young baseball players tend to release the top hand too early or not stay strong with that top hand through contact. This can negatively impact ball exit speed.

Here is a short video demo below:


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SST Mississauga | Sep 6, 2013 11:52:00 AM

Baseball Functional Friday | Prowler Sprints

This week’s SST Functional Friday exercise is Prowler Sprints.

The Prowler is a functional training tool that helps improve an athlete’s speed and acceleration. This can be used by any athlete of any age or ability. We use the Prowler a lot with our FAST camp kids and our Butts and Guts adult classes too, where it is great as a fat blaster. The great thing about the Prowler is you can load it up with plates and train heavy and do slow pushes to work on your power or lighter weight to do sprint/speed work.

The Prowler is a great finisher to any leg workout!! In this video, Team Canada baseball player Jamie Richmond is using light to medium weight with two 25 pound plates for sprints.

We use Prowler Sprints with athletes in every sport. You can add single leg variations (very advanced) as well as using the lower set grip for pushing which will engage even more of the core. You can also set up obstacle courses if you have the width to do so, so that the push is not always done in a linear plane. This is a great finisher on a training day and if you have two of them, you can use as a team building relay race!!!

For more information on functional training, please click the button below to contact us and tell us a little more about your questions and interests and we will be happy to help you!


The Baseball Zone & SST Mississauga

Click Here for FREE Functional Training advice


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Rick Boutilier | Aug 16, 2013 11:03:00 AM

Baseball Functional Friday | Resistance Band Sprints

This week’s Functional Friday exercise is resistance band sprints. Resistance bands, when used properly, can improve starting speed and acceleration. Baseball is played mostly in the acceleration phase of running so this is something to work on for tangible gains!  

The highest rates of acceleration are achieved in the player's first 8-10 steps. Close to 75% of max running velocity is in the first 10 yards. Initial acceleration occurs from starting position or post hitting contact to within the first 15m (49.21 ft) and transitional acceleration from 16m to 30m (52.5 -98 feet). Curvilinear base running, as occurs in baseball, does not permit maximal velocity, so having good starting speed and acceleration is of vast importance for baseball players.  


Topics: baseball functional training, speed, speed training, baseball speed, sprinters, resistance band training

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