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Rick Johnston | Jan 18, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Who Is To Say What Body Type a Baseball Player Is "Supposed" To Have?

"Big and imposing"

"Shows athleticism"

"Long frame"

"Broad shoulders"

"Thick trunk"

"Runs like a gazelle"

"Easy and fluid"

"Long and lean"

"Strong as a bull"

These are just a few scouting terms that are constantly used when players are being evaluated, whether considered draft potential or possible college type. Truly, though, who really knows what type of body can play the game? Who would have ever thought in the day of the big man, that you would ever see a Dustin Pedroia on the same field with a Frank Thomas? Now think about this for a moment, Pedroia, standing all of 5’8, 165lbs and Thomas, otherwise known as the Big Hurt, standing an imposing 6’5, 275lbs on the same field together, competing at the highest level of baseball.


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