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Rick Johnston | Nov 14, 2013 2:22:00 PM

16 Pet Peeves of Baseball Coaches - Hitter Edition

You guys have issues also!

As I start to wind up on the Pet Peeves series, it is time to adress the hitters and discuss some of the items these guys do that are in most cases not surprising, but often not dealt with. In other words, is it the hitters that are to blame or can some of these be shifted to coaches and their philosophy toward hitting? Hmmm, that is a good question and maybe could turn into a Pet Peeve at some point.

Let’s try and explore more in depth many of the crazes that hitters do to drive coaches nuts and push them over the edge. Now coaches, remember, you may be responsible for some of these, so,as you nod your head while reading, ask yourself if some of these Pet Peeves could be changed if you as a coach spent the time creating an avenue of understanding with each hitter.

So, with this in mind, here we go:


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Rick Johnston | Nov 4, 2013 12:06:00 PM

19 Pet Peeves of Baseball Coaches - Pitcher Edition


Everyone wants them and everyone needs them. The game is designed just for you guys. You have good pitching, you have a chance to win; without it, it will undoubtedly be a long season. Even with good pitching, most pitchers are creatures of habit and some of these habits are actually pet peeves that drive baseball coaches off the deep end. Here are 19 of them: 

1. Poor pre-game routine and bullpen...ok, this is not a blanket statement to all pitchers, but, boy oh boy, the lack of preparation, warm up, throwing and bullpen presence is sometimes just flat out awful. It starts with a uneventful warm up, followed by playing poor catch, very little long toss, then a bullpen that lacks conviction and intent. Hey pitchers, it’s your start, make the most of it. Prepare like you are going to go 9 innings. Don’t assume you can just show up and pitch. 

2. Too many pitches in their repertoire...that’s right guys, you all have five pitches, I know. So really you are a jack of all trades and a master of none. What is that going to get you? I would ask this then; if you have five pitches (and maybe five different arm angles) how many of those pitches do you "own"? Geez, even big league pitchers don’t own 3 pitches let alone 5. Hey pitchers, learn to own two pitches and show a third. I will bet 5 pitch pitchers rent, lease and borrow every outing, hoping that they can sneak by with this. Owning pitches will get you more in the long term because all 5 can’t be that good!

3. Complete game in the bullpen...


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Rick Johnston | Oct 23, 2013 10:28:00 AM

20 Baseball Pet Peeves Courtesy of Our (Usually) Beloved Catchers

Ok catchers, it’s your turn...that’s right; you inspire just as many Pet Peeves as the other position players!

As I continue on with some Pet Peeves shared by myself and other baseball coaches, it is now time to reach out to the leaders on the field, the only players on defence that play in foul territory, the defensive players who are supposed to be the field generals...the catchers. Yes, that’s right, the ones that are to lead by example & take ownership with the pitcher. Well, guess what guys? As much praise as you get for being these types of players, you do inspire a number of baseball Pet Peeves that drive coaches up the wall and some of these Pet Peeves are simply unwise and unproductive as far as your own development behind the plate. In addition, these Pet Peeves can have a major influence on the outcomes of games - therefore, it is critical you all take note to these and minimize any that you know can be controlled:

1.Walking to and from your lord, you are only talking about 60-75 feet from the dugout. In some cases, the distance might be less. In any event, if you can’t sprint to the plate and always beat the pitcher (unless on base when inning ends or on deck), then there is a major problem. Hey, have you ever heard the word hustle? Well that goes for you catchers as well. You are not special; you do not get special hall passes; you are part of the team and that means hustle on and off the field. Because your distance is the closest (corner positions could be just as close), you had better be one of the first three position players to get to and from your position every start and end of inning.

2.Holding the frame...


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Rick Johnston | Oct 7, 2013 4:16:00 PM

21 Baseball Pet Peeves of Coaches - Outfielder Edition

Don’t worry outfielders, I have not forgotten you!

As previously tapped into, I have blogged on Pet Peeves about coaches, players in general and most recently, infielders. It is time to move on to the players that patrol the outfield; the players that have to cover the most range; the players that people often disregard; the players for many reasons that get left out in practice as far as their development goes.


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Rick Johnston | Sep 24, 2013 9:20:00 AM

15 Baseball Pet Peeves Inspired By Infielders

Ok Infielders it’s your turn!

In the two previous Pet Peeve blogs the focus was on coaches and players and some of their pointless or irrational thoughts or actions on and off the diamond. This blog will be dedicated to position players, specifically the infielders and some of the unwise and sometimes ridiculous decisions they make and do that will drive any coach up the wall. Again, like many of these Pet Peeves that have been mentioned previously, lacking the thought processing for what they are doing, lacking experience or simply not ever been taught what to do can lead to these Pet Peeves never ever being changed. Each one of these Pet Peeves is and can be changed and altered, if time, thought and practice is brought into the equation. This may sound easier said than done, but the reality of it is if we as coaches want to eliminate these types of Pet Peeves then attention to detail is a necessary evil. 


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