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Rick Johnston | May 13, 2013 11:30:00 AM

Dugout Responsibilities - 10 Simple Verbal Communications

It is more than just idle chatter!

How many times have you watched an MLB game and noticed the number of times the camera will zone in on a player or players in the dugout? You may be asking yourself "What is he thinking about?" or "What are they discussing?" I will bet the answer is not the same answer as the one you would get from an amateur game! 

Clearly, when observing a professional game, you will see very little chatter on the bench during a game. If there is chatter, I can almost guarantee the chatter will be about the game, the pitcher or situation. Conversely, the next time you are around an amateur game, take note of the needless, mindless and irrelevant chatter. Chatter that actually takes the mind of the game away from the game and shifts it into a space that will not promote success. So, if every player plays the game to succeed, then the following are just a few of the basic dugout responsibilities that MLB and other higher level players chatter about during a game.


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