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Rick Johnston | May 8, 2017 12:36:08 PM

Aggression at The Plate for Ontario High School Baseballers

With the Toronto high school baseball season upon us, are you ready with your hitting approach?  

If you’re new to high school ball, you probably need to improve your hitting strategy. Even if you are a high school senior, you might need to work on improving your hitting strategy. Professional and University-level baseball scouts will often attend Toronto-area games. If you want to have a future in baseball, you’ll have to show them that you can swing the bat like a pro or college hitter, not a little-leaguer. With these simple tips, you can be an aggressive hitter just like your Major League favourites.


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Kevin Hussey | Jan 15, 2015 3:26:55 PM

How Aspiring College Baseball Prospects Can Learn From Learning

High school is obviously very important in terms of creating opportunities and giving yourself a chance to have a good job in the future. The misconception of high school is that its purpose is for kids to learn information you can use in your future. What kids really learn in high school is how to develop a work ethic while learning how to take information and apply it. Essentially what you learn in high school is how to learn. School gives kids the opportunity to constantly be challenged and deal with adversity. Every student has had difficulty either with a subject or understanding a concept throughout their education. This adversity is relatable to many aspects of life, including baseball. There has never been a college baseball player that went their whole career without having to persevere through some type of difficulty. The path to success that young athletes and students endure is similar in concept. Each year the difficulty and competitiveness increases, while getting closer to your goal. In academics and athletes once you move on to the next level, the previous year becomes irrelevant .For both students and athletes, the past can give you opportunity but the future will determine your success.


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Rick Johnston | Oct 10, 2014 6:00:00 AM

The BIG 5 Areas That High School Infielders Must Work On

The headline may seem simple enough. At the same time it may appear as these are the only areas of defense one should focus on. Well, I really wish it was this simple. Unfortunately playing the infield is more than just five areas,. However, the five areas that I will talk about are really the five main problem areas that the average High School infielder can get away with today, but will cost them dearly at the College level. 

Infielders that make the following five areas an absolute priority in their overall development will find the transition to the next level of defense that much easier.

  1. Playing too deep...


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Rick Boutilier | Jun 2, 2011 6:30:00 AM

4 Baseball Warm Up Tips Every Player Should Use

Warming up properly before games is integral to enhancing your performance and avoiding injury. I see kids arriving at their games and the first thing they usually do is pick up a baseball and start throwing along the foul lines with one of their teammates. For a lot of teams that is their warm up! This is not only stupid but also dangerous. You should be dripping with sweat before you even consider picking up a baseball and throwing it or picking up a bat and swinging it. We like to say "If you are not sweaty, you ARE NOT READY!" You would never see a pro start cold, so why would you let your kids? Go down to the Rogers Center early one night and watch the Blue Jays play and you will see the players from both teams lined up along their respected foul poles doing what we call a dynamic warm up.


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