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Ryan Armstrong | Mar 28, 2013 7:21:00 PM

Baseball Drill of the Week | "High Tee Drill"

We have a quick little "hitter" (haha) for this week's Drill of the Week - the "High Tee Drill".

The High Tee Drill is something we would term as a postural hitting drill that simulates hitting a higher pitch in the hitting zone. This is a pitch where we often see athletes come out an athletic posture and lose power and bat control. What we want them to do, and what we want the drill to help them do, is to stay more athletic through their swing, even if the pitch is a little high.

Hitters are encouraged to work on the High Tee Drill in their regular hitting program/practice, but it is especially helpful for athletes who have postural issues, especially lifting or pulling the front shoulder off of the pitch.


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