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Rick Johnston | Dec 8, 2012 10:42:00 AM

Infielding - Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Now, you may be wondering what does the power of your comfort zone refer to when it comes to fielding a ground ball?  Simply, the next few times you go out and hit ground balls to one of your players watch the position they go to on the field. Many times you will see an infielder move to a comfort zone to take his ground balls. Why? It is simple - they are in that comfort zone (certain position on the field or indoor facility) and only want to take ground balls from that exact position.

For example, a SS sprints out to his position to begin his work taking ground balls. Most likely he will sprint to a standard infield position and then the coach will begin to hit ground ball after ground ball at him. Now from a repetitive perspective this great, but the problem lies in that if the fungo hitter is consistent, then it is safe to say the SS (in this case) will receive fungo after fungo at generally the same speed and often times the same number of hops (yes a good fungo hitter can usually manipulate the bat to hit balls with a certain amount of desire hops and velos). Again, I have no issue with this, but, the primary issue I would have is we are not allowing, or better yet, forcing our infielders to take ground balls OUTSIDE of their comfort zone.

Now what am I saying we should do? 


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