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Rick Johnston | Aug 30, 2013 7:48:00 AM

Commanding Your At Bat as a Hitter

For many a young hitter, taking command of their at bat seems like a monumental chore in itself. When I think about it, I find this to be very peculiar, as by the nature of the game the hitter is on the offense, not the defense. These type of hitters struggling to command their at bat are in no way not taking hitting serious nor are they not taking the game serious - they simply struggle to take their long hours of work and dedication from practice to the game. It is almost like when it is their turn, they put so much pressure on themselves (or someone else does) that they have lost the battle before it ever started. They have lost the battle in the on deck circle or lost the battle as they walked to the plate. But for whatever reason the link between practice and game seems to struggle to connect.


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Rick Johnston | May 7, 2013 7:28:00 AM

5 Elements of Planning to Become a Great Hitter

Hitting…Hope is not a Plan

To be exceptional at anything, exceptional preparation is an absolute necessity. Without exceptional planning, one should never expect exceptional performance to come out. As a hitter you either want to be exceptional...I mean really WANT IT...or you don’t. If a hitter is simply hoping for a good at bat or hoping for a good hit or hoping that he will get a good pitch, then preparation for the plan is just that…HOPE!


Topics: hitting tips, hitting preparation, Hitting plan, hitting

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