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SST Mississauga | Apr 19, 2013 12:20:00 PM

Baseball Functional Friday | "Lateral Bounding"

This week’s "Baseball Functional Friday" Exercise of the Week is "Lateral Bounding".  

Lateral Bounding is a drill that helps pitchers work on leg drive power and stride length. Generally speaking, harder throwers generate more stride power than low velocity pitchers. Macwilliams, et al (1998) found that pitchers were found to generate shear forces of 0.35 body weight in the direction of the pitch with the push-off leg and to resist forces of 0.72 body weight with the landing leg. They also found that wrist velocity was found to correlate highly with increased leg drive (hence the higher velocities with stronger legs). Their conclusion was that "strengthening of the lower extremities could be inferred to be important both to enhance performance and to avoid injury." Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Strengthen legs > get better > stay healthier.


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