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Ryan Armstrong | Apr 11, 2013 1:43:00 PM

Baseball Drill of the Week | "Low Tee Drill"

This week's Drill of the Week is the  "Low Tee Drill".

A couple of weeks ago we went over the High Tee Drill and this week we want to go over the Low Tee Drill, which is a similar drill...but different, of course. 

The Low Tee Drill is a postural drill that helps hitters better maintain athletic posture on lower pitches in the strike zone. Why is this important?

  1. The less balanced/athletic they are approaching contact, the more power they will lose in their swing.
  2. The natural reaction is to straighten up versus staying strong/athletic with the pitch which will lead to swinging down on the pitch and failing to match swing plane with plane of pitch. This will lead to more swings and misses and, if contact is made, more weaker hit ground balls.
  3. Losing athletic posture on lower pitches will typically lead to disconnection in the swing, i.e. hands getting away from the body = longer, slower, weaker swing.


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