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Jen Scorniaenchi | Apr 16, 2012 1:06:00 PM

3 Popular Mental Training Myths

Many professional athletes work with mental performance coaches to enhance performance, many of whom wished they had developed these skills much earlier in their careers. The problem is, there is a mindset that mental performance training is only necessary at higher levels where there is more at stake. However, many young players are never able to reach their full potential due to mental performance issues and those that are ‘good enough’ to reach higher levels in their sport spend more time than necessary battling performance issues. Even so - every child, regardless of their future goals or their current level, can benefit from mental skills training at the very least to improve their sport experience.  

A number of myths or reservations prevent adults and young athletes from truly understanding the use and need of sports psychology.

Myth #1. “I don’t really get nervous- I’m already mentally prepared,” kids say.


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