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Rick Johnston | Nov 20, 2013 9:32:00 AM

Hey, Baseball Players & Parents - What Does IT Really Take?

“Well, he works hard”

“He really wants it”

“He is a good kid”

“He is working on his grades”

“Yes, he knows that"

"That's what I keep telling him"

These are some real life exchanges coaches have with parents all of the time. Let’s face it, to answer the question of "What does IT really take?" the true answer is no specific answer, rather just consistent themes…in other words, the answer is an infinite number of answers with no right or wrong, it is simply a vast number of words, verbiages and clichés all with a similar meanings. But if your goals are in the realm of getting a baseball scholarship, KEEPING it (which soooo many take for granted as a given once they get one), having a successful collegiate career, graduating and/or playing professional baseball, I can tell you that there are 3 consistent themes that are rarely if ever sidestepped.

Motiviation & Determination


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