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Mike Tevlin | Apr 1, 2017 12:17:09 PM

Ten Thousand Hours ... of Fun!

It's easy to generalize and sound like our fathers and their fathers and... but, let's face it, kids don't play outside like they used to in the "good old days". Why this is the case is not for me to analyse in this short essay. We all know the obvious answers - video games, social media, neighborhood dysfunction, blah blah, but somehow we have to encourage our young boys and girls to get out there and play!

When I was a kid and my mother would be yelling from the front porch to come home for supper (her voice could carry for blocks) I would have to put down whatever ball, glove, bat, racquet, mallet or stick and get home. Often I was a little late because the "next goal wins" rule would be put forward, then I would be so hungry that the sprint home after was a nice bit of natural and physically coordinating exercise.


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Rick Boutilier | Mar 6, 2013 5:11:00 PM

Baseball Exercise of the Week - Med Ball Side Toss

By Rick Boutilier & Mike McCarthy

The Med Ball (or Medicine Ball) Side Toss is a great baseball exercise that helps baseball players develop functional rotational power. We really want to focus on transferring weight from the back foot to the front foot while exploding rotationally through the hips and torso. Just like when we hit, we want to use momentum and make sure our hips are travelling towards the pitcher while remaining balanced and athletic, followed by a rotational release of built up tension through the legs, hips, torso and ultimately arms.

You want to toss the med ball with one hand over and one hand under the ball. Your front shoulder should be tucked in almost starting with your back to the wall and really focus on using your core to generate rotational power. To make sure this is remains a more functional exercise, lead with the lower half, just like when hitting or pitching.


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