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Kevin Hussey | Oct 9, 2014 6:00:00 AM

3 Essential Skills You Need To Play (and Stay In) College Baseball

I bet you were thinking I was going to list skills like throwing hard, running fast and hitting for power, right? Great skills to have. Even having one of them will open many doors for you. But I am talking about non-technical skills that will not only help get you to a college campus, but help keep you there for as long as you can be.

College baseball is a very realistic goal for many high school players. There are thousands of high school students with the talent to play college baseball but not all of them possess the mentality it takes to have success at the next level. Physical ability may allow you to get into college but your physical and mental toughness will be what keeps you there.

Here are 3 essential non-technical skills you will need to excel at to become, and more importantly REMAIN, a collegiate baseball player.


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