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Rick Johnston | Feb 20, 2014 9:26:00 AM

Are Bad Looking Hitting Mechanics Always Due to Bad Mechanics?

Theory: If any player were to meticulously heed to the optimal biomechanical principles of hitting they will be successful, correct? 


Certainly following these principles will maximize the chances that a hitter has put the bat on the right path of a pitched ball with maximal force (if there is intent to match), but it certainly does not always equate to success. If it were that easy, then few hitters would ever fail at the rate of over 70%, like they do now.

So, the presence of a good biomechanical approach is wonderful, but this alone does not tell hitters where to swing, what to swing at and when to swing. It simply shows how to swing. The average person can swing a bat or a golf club fairly well pretty quickly (under no pressure of course), but does that mean they will hit well or score low? No way and that is a definitive NO WAY. 

The underlying problem that occurs when one believes biomechanical principles equal success is this…everyone looks for the quick biomechanical "fix" when things go bad. Well, it usually doesn’t work that way. In fact, most swing issues have little to do with the swing, but more to do with the other components that now AFFECT the swing…In other words the cause and effect theory. There is a cause that has an effect on the swing. Hitters, when struggling, look for instant fixes with areas…the hands, the feet, hips, front shoulder, etc…all with the same goal - to produce a much more successful swing. However, more often than not, failure in the swing has less to do with swing itself or the biomechanical principles one is exhibiting than it does other factors. There are numerous principles that ger overlooked that have an extraordinary effect on a hitter's biomechanics.


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Rich Reid | Apr 7, 2011 8:38:00 AM

3 easy tips to improve your hitting this year, without swinging a bat

1.  Know your limitations, strengths, and weaknesses!!


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Mike McCarthy | Mar 22, 2011 3:21:00 PM

What Can Youth Hitters Learn From Chess Players?

Hitting coaches are often asked how hitters can learn to recognize pitches. The usual responses will include things like "Pick up the release as soon as you can", "Watch for the spin on the ball" (somewhat debatable but that is for another discussion), "The pitcher tips his pitches by doing...", and so on. While these "tips" probably have something to do with varying levels of success and failure, is it possible that success or failure is mainly a function of something else? Experience and memory perhaps?


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