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SST Mississauga | Apr 26, 2013 2:19:00 PM

Baseball Functional Friday | "Sled Shuffle"

This week’s "Baseball Functional Friday" Exercise of the Week is the "Sled Shuffle"

Sled Shuffles are a lower body strengthening exercise that challenges the body in the frontal or coronal plane and helps strengthen the hip flexors and improves lateral movement. The lateral shuffle is a common movement pattern used by baseball players and improving your quickness and agility in this plane will help you in many ways on the field. Whether you are reacting quickly to a ball hit to your left or right or getting a better secondary leadoff, lateral mobility can help you become a better athlete on the diamond. This can happen by saving more runs by getting to more balls defensively or by scoring more runs by getting better jumps on batted balls or straight steals.  

This drill can be used for 3 different phases of your off-season training program:

  1. This drill can be used in a general preparation phase at the beginning of your off-season with light to medium weight and a medium pace
  2. This drill can be used in the middle of your off-season while you are in an intensification phase with heavy weight and a slow pace
  3. This drill can be used in the last 8 weeks of your off-season with no weight or very light weight with a quicker pace


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