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Rick Johnston | Nov 1, 2013 3:41:00 PM

14 Mental Errors in Baseball That Get an Offence in Trouble

Many baseball coaches will say that the thinking or the understanding part of the game is the most vital to success for a player. This part of the game is sometimes called the mental pillar and is one of the primary pillars that support the structure of the athlete within the game of baseball (and any sport - these being mental, physical, technical and tactical).

In general terms, a baseball player will commit two types of errors, but one more than the other can have long term effects - mental and physical. Coaches have no problem for the most part accepting physical mistakes; players will clank ground balls, butcher fly balls and look like a bag of hammers searching for a tool box as a hitter. Players will have bad days, where physically all that happens. No problem, we are all human, all make mistakes. In baseball, it is the mental error that has harsh effects both short and long term on players and teams and will often manifest themselves as physical errors (i.e. what looks like a physical error was actually born a few seconds earlier as a mental one).


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Rick Johnston | Aug 8, 2013 7:57:00 AM

The 4 Out Approach to Practicing Bunting, Baserunning & Defense

Often teaching the art of bunting can be tedious and taxing on both players and coaches. Moreover, when players work on the art of bunting they do so in non-competitive situations or situations where there is zero pressure on them. Seldom are players placed under the microscope to get bunts down in practice. Yet, think about when players are asked to bunt in games? YES, they are directed to get bunts down in crucial situations, where the pressure is somewhat intense. So we are supposed to go from no pressure, often lackadaisical bunting practice to perfection in games? There is a gap here that needs to be filled by an element of practice Dr. Rick Jensen has termed "transfer training" - exposing a skill to on-field, competitive conditions in practice. The 4 out approach to bunting accomplishes this not just for the batter, but also for the defense and the baserunner.


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