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Kevin Hussey | Feb 7, 2015 12:15:00 PM

Thinking About Switch Hitting? Here Is Some Advice For You to Consider

Becoming a switch hitter is a difficult decision that some players will have to make. Before you make the decision to become a switch hitter, you need to be able to answer some questions about yourself. If you're a natural right handed batter, are you willing to bat left handed potentially 90% of the time? If you're a natural left handed batter are you willing to bat right handed if the game depended on it? If you're not willing to make these decisions/sacrifices, maybe switch hitting isn't for you. If you are willing to make these sacrifices, you at least have the mentality a switch hitter needs.

Although it's great to have the mentality of a switch hitter, it's going to take a lot more than that to be successful. It’s going to take a natural ability from the other side of the plate. If your initial feel for hitting on the other side of the plate isn't comfortable, becoming a switch hitter will be extremely difficult. When you step on the other side of the box you need to feel at least one distinct advantage. Hopefully the advantage you will notice will be your vision. Some players will step in the other batter’s box and instantly notice their vision is better on that side. This will obviously be a huge advantage to someone experimenting with switch hitting. Other advantages may come in the form of power or a natural swing plane. Without having a distinct and noticeable advantage to switch hitting, it’s difficult to justify the purpose of your experiment.


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