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Ryan Armstrong | Oct 8, 2013 10:43:00 AM

Baseball Drill of the Week | "Throwing the Curveball"

EVERYBODY wants to throw a curveball, don't they? And why not? If done well it is a great pitch. It can make a hitter look foolish, which can be fun for a pitcher. It LOOKS cool. And in a purely practical sense, it does a great job at interrupting timing which is what pitching is all about when facing off against a hitter. 

There have been some great curveballs in the history of the game, with such greats as Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, Bert Blyleven and Satchel Paige being known as some of the all-time best. And while some people argue that it is disappearing from the game, the curveball can be an effective weapon nonetheless.

Now the question is, WHEN should a young pitcher begin working on the curveball? And that is a great question indeed. It is my opinion, and one that is shared by many, that the development of the curveball should only come after a player has developed and established control of their fastball with a repeatable delivery (and even at this point, a changeup is likely the next best pitch to attempt to master). Why?


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