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Rick Johnston | Oct 7, 2013 4:16:00 PM

21 Baseball Pet Peeves of Coaches - Outfielder Edition

Don’t worry outfielders, I have not forgotten you!

As previously tapped into, I have blogged on Pet Peeves about coaches, players in general and most recently, infielders. It is time to move on to the players that patrol the outfield; the players that have to cover the most range; the players that people often disregard; the players for many reasons that get left out in practice as far as their development goes.


Topics: baseball coaching, team Defence, baseball communication, baseball pregame, baseball practice, baseball fundamentals, throwing errors, baseball pet peeves, Outfielding

Rick Johnston | Sep 24, 2013 9:20:00 AM

15 Baseball Pet Peeves Inspired By Infielders

Ok Infielders it’s your turn!

In the two previous Pet Peeve blogs the focus was on coaches and players and some of their pointless or irrational thoughts or actions on and off the diamond. This blog will be dedicated to position players, specifically the infielders and some of the unwise and sometimes ridiculous decisions they make and do that will drive any coach up the wall. Again, like many of these Pet Peeves that have been mentioned previously, lacking the thought processing for what they are doing, lacking experience or simply not ever been taught what to do can lead to these Pet Peeves never ever being changed. Each one of these Pet Peeves is and can be changed and altered, if time, thought and practice is brought into the equation. This may sound easier said than done, but the reality of it is if we as coaches want to eliminate these types of Pet Peeves then attention to detail is a necessary evil. 


Topics: baseball coaching, team Defence, baseball communication, throwing skills, fielding skills, baseball fundamentals, throwing errors, baseball pet peeves, infielding errors

Rick Johnston | Jun 27, 2013 7:57:00 AM

Throwing Errors as Mental Mistakes and 3 Tips to Avoid Them

Physical mistakes are NOT always physical ones

As I have written in a few other blogs, the single most critical area of defensive baseball is throwing. Throwing errors contribute more directly to a negative end result, or simply put, more lost games than all other mistakes combined. Although the throwing of a baseball is a physical action, the control of where the ball is eventually going is very much mental. When players are conditioned to think about where to throw the ball to, versus how to throw the ball, fewer defensive throwing lapses will occur, throwing errors will dramatically plummet and, believe this, more wins will appear in the win/loss column.


Topics: mental training, baseball communication, mental performance, baseball skills, throwing skills, baseball fundamentals, throwing errors, defensive baseball, mental mistakes, physical mistakes

Kevin Horton | Jun 12, 2012 2:20:00 PM

How a Baseball Summer Camp Can Improve Your Season - Part 1

There are lots of great reasons to attend a baseball camp this summer. But how can attending a baseball camp improve your season?  In Part 1 of this 3 part series we explore Throwing Accuracy.


Topics: pitching tips, throwing drills, baseball camp, baseball practice, throwing skills, throwing errors, summer camp, glove side

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