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SST Mississauga | Mar 22, 2013 6:45:00 AM

Baseball Functional Friday | Tug of War

This week's "Baseball Functional Friday" exercise of the week is a classic - the "Tug of War"!

The Tug of War. Is there any strength exercise more natural than this one? Check out the pictures. It is in our nature as animals to fight for something we want. To allow our bodies to organize themselves in the pursuit of a common goal - winning. Whether it be pulling the flag over an arbitrary line, grappling with Fido over a frisbee or fighting for food or our lives. It is in our nature in the survival of the fittest to pull and win. So why not in our training regimens too? We think there are some great benefits to having it so.

Tug of War has numerous benefits for an athlete, including baseball players. Some of these benefits including building functional strength in the legs, core, arms, back, name it. And the great thing is that it ties them all together to work for a similar end goal which they all have to "learn" to do when you are competing. You rarely will have muscles working in isolation on the diamond!


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