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Rick Johnston | Oct 20, 2014 5:50:00 PM

Are You Watching the Game Within Each Baseball Game?

Now that the MLB 2014 playoffs are well underway, it is time for every player, coach or parent to start watching the game within a baseball game. Just what does this statement actually mean? In basic terms it means stop watching the pitcher throw the pitch or the hitter swinging the bat or the catcher receiving the ball, but instead start watching what is really happening. In other words, stop watching for the outcome, but watch and observe things like how a pitcher stands on the mound before he begins his delivery; or how hitter sets up and initiates his rhythm in the batter’s box; or how a catcher delivers his signs and the way he shifts from his sign position to his receiving position.

It is our nature as humans to be much more in tune to outcome when watching a sports spectacle on television. If more time is spent of looking for things that lead to the outcome, one will become much better versed into the true nuances of what is really taking place.

So, here we have it, the best time of the baseball season...the MLB playoffs, with teams striving to be World Champions. We all sit intently in front of our big screen televisions and begin to watch. But what are we really watching? For most, it is for the outcome. That is fine for some, but for those that are aspiring to become better players, coaches or parents of players, it is your job to watch the game within the game and of course the outcome will follow.


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